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TMIB’s process is based upon over 20 years’ experience and Harvard research into how buyers prefer to be engaged by suppliers. We analyse your specific market position and requirements to develop a unique process tailored to your individual needs. This provides a thorough yet easy to achieve process which brings significant and rewarding results for the businesses we work with.

Our client journey

Your process will consist of a tailor-made blend of techniques – incorporating the following key steps.

Briefing & Consultancy

Before we begin working on your behalf, our unique New Business Audit determines the best way of promoting your brand. We use our experience and expertise and combine that with the information you provide us with and advise what has been successful for other similar organisations in line with your individual situation and objectives. This can be completed over the telephone or face-to-face – we’re flexible and happy to work around your commitments and schedule.


We help to source and construct a list of viable prospects specific to your company’s target market. Factors we can control at this stage include the prospects’ location, sector and turnover. Further qualifying of targets will occur through internet research and communication via telephone later in the process.

Pre Call Research

Where beneficial we conduct cost-effective pre-call research to add relevance to our initial dialogue – ensuring that the conversations we have are completely focused on the customer’s bespoke situation.

Hone in on Key Budget Holders

Knowledge is power – so we use proven techniques and little known tools to research contact details if the numbers we have are incorrect and contact names are found to be non decision makers – avoiding wasted time, money and effort.


Contact is established with targets via phone – with dialogue incorporating our research, Harvard insights and specialist sales psychology.


It is important to ascertain that target companies are appropriate for your business – and have a requirement for your proposed products and services. This reduces time spent on unsuitable firms – saving money and resources in the process. For this we utilise a preferred prospect profile gleaned from the New Business Audit and your initial briefing.

Overcome Blocking Tactics

Using techniques and thoroughly researched tactics we minimise the effect of gatekeeper resistance to sales and marketing calls leading to a greater number of productive conversations with decision makers.

Progress to Your Preferred Level of Warmness

Each business has individual objectives, with prospects that need to be approached and prepared in different ways. We’ll promote the features and benefits of your solutions to ideal clients, gauging their level of interest. Where appropriate we then further the sales process by providing high quality intelligence, leads, quotation opportunities, teleconferences, meetings or whatever is considered most appropriate by your company and the prospect themselves.


It’s important that we keep you up to date on our progress – so you’ll receive a daily email report and regular updates as required via phone, Skype or face-to-face meetings. You can also receive the latest progress notes from our database.

Learn & Refine

We’re constantly refining our approach – both in a general sense, and on an individual basis for each and every one of our clients. Using market research, data and feedback from our clients and prospects we can gain a greater appreciation of challenges faced by target organisations. We then alter the process where necessary to achieve the maximum amount of quality opportunities and new business for you. We also carry out a client survey on a regular basis, to ensure that you are receiving the added value we have promised.

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