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Telemarketing Barnsley

For telemarketing to be effective it needs to be carefully planned and properly implemented by experts who are personally involved with your business. At TMIB we’ve spent 20 years providing this service for hundreds of businesses just like yours – companies with a wide range of aspirations occupying a diverse variety of sectors.

We provide Barnsley businesses with the professional help they need to sell their products or services, grow their business and increase revenue. Find out how we can work with you to help you reach your objectives below.

Telemarketing services with ROI potential that’s too good to miss

Would you like to receive up to eight times return on your initial investment? Grow your target market by up to 700%? Receive up to ten quality leads per day? That’s what is possible when you choose to work with TMIB. Our telemarketing services have been shown to produce powerful results – and the statistics speak for themselves. Carefully tested, expertly implemented – the proof is in the pudding.

Added Value
  • Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

    Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

  • Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

    Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

  • Focus on Results

    Focus on Results

  • Proven Client Benefits

    Proven Client Benefits

  • Latest Sales Techniques

    Latest Sales Techniques

  • In Depth Market Reporting

    In Depth Market Reporting

  • Thorough Processes

    Thorough Processes

  • Leads Generated to Your Criteria

    Leads Generated to Your Criteria

  • Scientific Approach

    Scientific Approach


TMIB has set quality meetings with...

Telemarketing for your company – expertly taken care of by TMIB

Wentworth Castle BarnsleyEffective telemarketing isn’t all about strategy – it also involves a dedicated level of care. Customer service is of paramount importance to us – as we understand that there is an element of trust involved in a telemarketing partnership. That’s why we’re always available to talk you through the processes, discuss your account or answer any questions you might have. Along with the results we can achieve it’s this dedication and personal, friendly attitude that has made us so successful and popular with clients past and present.

Clear communication from graduate telemarketing professionals

We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent – and an important part of this is clear communication. Your account will be serviced by graduate telemarketers – seasoned professionals with a vested interest in the work they undertake on your behalf. With TMIB, you can always get in touch with a query or concern. We speak in plain English, so we’ll never bombard you with technical jargon or leave you in the dark.

Tactical telemarketing without hidden charges

We’re clear and upfront about how we operate – and we’re proud of the strategy we’ve devised using academic insights and detailed market reconnaissance. This methodology is constantly evolving – and can be adapted depending on your goals and aspirations. We can implement a strategy based on your long-term goals or a need for short-term success, centred on the attitudes, psychology and buying behaviours of your demographic.

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