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Telesales Altrincham

Altrincham is home to a diverse range of businesses – from medical, manufacturing and construction firms to solicitors and financial advisors. Over the years the local landscape has changed dramatically – but companies in the area have continued to thrive throughout various economic climates. This is down to savvy selection of marketing and sales partners – with an abundance of providers based nearby.

Businesses need to step up their game – to employ targeted tactics to compete more effectively with their peers. Telesales has long been a staple tool for companies of all shapes and sizes – designed to increase exposure and secure lucrative new relationships with prospects nationwide. But now telesales in Altrincham has changed. Is your business keeping up?

Telesales services that aren’t all talk

Our success rate is second to none – with businesses that work with us experiencing an up to 8-fold return on investment, and 700% increase in target market.

Added Value
  • Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

    Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

  • Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

    Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

  • Focus on Results

    Focus on Results

  • Proven Client Benefits

    Proven Client Benefits

  • Latest Sales Techniques

    Latest Sales Techniques

  • In Depth Market Reporting

    In Depth Market Reporting

  • Thorough Processes

    Thorough Processes

  • Leads Generated to Your Criteria

    Leads Generated to Your Criteria

  • Scientific Approach

    Scientific Approach


TMIB has achieved meetings for our clients with...

Discover telesales techniques developed to suit your business objectives

We don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to telesales. Instead we draw on our wealth of targeted techniques to devise the perfect blend for your business. Whilst the quality and quantity of calls remains the same, our approach can be tailored and tweaked depending on the nature of your business, your audience’s requirements and your long- and short-term objectives.

Telesales delivered with honesty, integrity and conscientious commitment

We’ve seen first hand how our expert telesales services have brought positive results for businesses just like yours. Whilst discipline is key, delivery is also important. That’s why we are always honest, upfront, personable and professional. Previous testimonials often mention how easy it is to work with us – and how much clients valued the integrity and care provided alongside the telesales services they received.

We’ll guide you through our unique telesales process – step by step

Our telesales process is exclusive – created over the past two decades using industry research and Harvard insights into how buyers prefer to be approached in order to secure sales success. We make sure that we’re speaking your customers’ language – but communication with you is also key. This is why we take time to run through the process with you, offering explanations for each aspect as and when required. You are never in the dark about the activity we conduct on your behalf – with daily reports charting the progress we’ve made.

Speak to us today about your unique requirements. Get in touch or take a look at testimonials from previous clients here.

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