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Telesales Burton

Sometimes, setting up in business and devising a product or service you think will be popular is easy. The hard part is locating potential customers and reaching them in an engaging, persuasive manner.

For the past twenty years TMIB has been enabling new and established businesses in Burton and beyond to grow their client bases with targeted telesales. Find out how we can add value to your business and provide your prospects with an offering that’s impossible to ignore.

Targeted telesales for Burton businesses who need expert assistance

Burton businesses are booming – and it’s no surprise that an increasing number are looking to expand their horizons and reach more customers locally and further afield. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, you need access to an audience that’s receptive and in need of what you have to offer. Reaching potential customers isn’t always that easy – as often they’re difficult to find and even harder to strike meaningful, productive conversations with. That’s where our exclusive telesales strategy comes in. Developed over twenty years in the industry, it’s proven to yield results for a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries. Using academic insights and a highly efficient methodology we secure up to 30% more leads than the industry average for our clients.

Added Value
  • Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

    Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

  • Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

    Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

  • Focus on Results

    Focus on Results

  • Proven Client Benefits

    Proven Client Benefits

  • Latest Sales Techniques

    Latest Sales Techniques

  • In Depth Market Reporting

    In Depth Market Reporting

  • Thorough Processes

    Thorough Processes

  • Leads Generated to Your Criteria

    Leads Generated to Your Criteria

  • Scientific Approach

    Scientific Approach


TMIB has achieved meetings for our clients with...

A trusted telesales provider with a proven track record

BurtonBad businesses don’t stay around for two decades and survive several recessions – and our longevity is testament to our dedication to quality and commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. We’re also heavily results-based – and our popularity and sustained success is down to the proven rewards of our process. Clients receive up to ten viable leads per day, and a 700% increase in target audience as a result of our dedicated, highly efficient process.

Telesales delivered with transparency and honesty

When we start working with you, we make sure that you know what to expect from us. It’s important that we explain how we work, what we do and why, so that you can plan ahead with confidence. Our previous client testimonials explain why our detailed telesales process and policy of honesty and transparency mattered the most to them.

Track your telesales account in real time with a direct line to our director

Whilst our telesales strategies may be complex, communicating with us is simple. We’re always on hand to take your call and answer any questions you have – or simply explain the process. Our director handles all accounts personally, so you’ll never have to relay the same information several times to different people.

Need a trusted telesales provider to help you to grow your business with genuine leads? Get in touch today to discover more about telesales in Burton from TMIB.

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