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Telesales Stoke

You know that your business has significant benefits for its target market. But how do they know that? Perhaps your competitor sells more than you do – even though you know that you have something better to offer.

In business, exposure is everything. How many potential clients are there in Stoke – and indeed throughout the UK – who are waiting for an introduction to your business? TMIB telesales has the answer.

Why are telesales services from TMIB so effective?

Our secret to success lies in our dedication to you, and the attention we pay to your business ethos. We know that without a viable connection to your potential clients, we can’t guarantee a return on investment. There are many strands to our telesales strategy – but the principle elements are based on logic. We make more calls, and we carry them out when prospects are most receptive. It sounds so simple – but it’s highly effective. Where could our telesales services take you?

Added Value
  • Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

    Unrivalled Market Data & Intelligence

  • Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

    Bypass Gatekeepers with Ease

  • Focus on Results

    Focus on Results

  • Proven Client Benefits

    Proven Client Benefits

  • Latest Sales Techniques

    Latest Sales Techniques

  • In Depth Market Reporting

    In Depth Market Reporting

  • Thorough Processes

    Thorough Processes

  • Leads Generated to Your Criteria

    Leads Generated to Your Criteria

  • Scientific Approach

    Scientific Approach


TMIB has achieved meetings for our clients with...

An expert telesales resource ready and waiting to take on your business and help you to achieve growth objectives

Narrowboat next to Stoke kilnWe are a selective agency. We don’t take on more than we can handle – instead, we work with a small number of clients at any given time, ensuring we can give them our full attention. So what does this mean for you? A dedicated team of experts at your sole disposal. A telesales partner with the capacity to take on your campaign immediately and produce results quickly. A consistent marketing message, delivered efficiently.

Telesales with a holistic, personal approach

We don’t just make calls. Our telesales strategy incorporates many intricate threads to make one whole. It’s designed to ensure that your business is introduced in the best way possible, to as many viable prospects as possible. We know that your goals are important to you and that the way your business is presented is key.

A streamlined strategy. Trusted telesales. Increased ROI. Better results

We introduce your people to the right people, in the right way. Background research and thorough reconnaissance prior to picking up the phone enables us to develop a tone and tailor-made language to effectively persuade your clients. Timing is important too – so rather than waste it -we only make calls when we know that your prospects are going to be available. We meticulously plan and prepare before we get to work – making sure our strategy is perfectly aligned with your objectives, values and audience.

Learn more about how your business could benefit from a telesales partnership with TMIB – hear from other business owners here.


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